About Us

Kreglex Productions is a fully-capable, fully-awesome Nigerian-based media production company that weaves compelling narratives through cinema-grade videos designed to inspire, entertain and promote. Our team includes experienced filmmakers, technicians, art-directors and digital-marketing professionals with a passion for making films and working on every project like it is ours.

Here's what we do.

Our Services

Film Production

Through our filming experiences of more than 5 years, partnerships and knowledge of government rules & regulations; we can tackle any kind of filming requirements you may have.

Brand Videos

We provide professional thematic commercial videos, corporate event coverage, develop corporate training videos, and enhance your marketing strategy. We simply promote your business.

film festivals

We are proud organizers of the first of its kind film festival in Nigeria: Bridal Film Festival; where couples, cinematographers, and other talents come to show their projects and win awards.

post production

Here is where everything comes together to form the story that we set out to tell. We offer Editing, Color Grading, Sound Design, Music Composition, Voice-over, Mastering and Mixing

Here's what people say about us.


You made me feel so comfortable that I was willing to give all it takes on your film set. That's something to be proud of.

- Amanda Oruh - Nollywood Actress

Kreglex Production is detailed when filming. Always a pleasure working with you guys.

- Olajide Oyegbile - Nollywood Actor


Gosh! you guys are brilliant, your short films are always fantastic. The editing is absolutely professional. Welldone! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

- Oluwatosin Olaleye


Working with you guys was super amazing. So professional and creative.

- PWAN Group


You guys made me feel so comfortable on set! It is always a pleasure working with you.

- Asuama Inyang - Nollywood Actress

These are some of the projects we worked on with others.


  1. Surviving

    film by Obathink Entertainment

    Coming to the city to fulfill a dream and make it big is not as easy as it seems, Bimbo and Susanna soon realized this as they battle through obstacles of starting a new life.

  2. All or Nothing

    film by Peekaboo

    Lucky is an unemployed graduate and a chronic gambler. He gets invited to church by a woman he saved from street touts and at the church he gets born again, determined to live a holy life.

  3. Adroit

    film by Babajide Aroyewun

    As a couple who have to manage the ill-health of their only child, it doesn’t get any easier knowing the child is one borne from a surrogate means.

  4. Other Side Of Me

    film by Boats Film

    DEBBIE & MADDY are two love birds with similar disparate past. While they both want to be better for themselves ahead of the marital sojourn they are about to embark in a couple of months, history of deeds thought to have been buried in the past will unearth the worst of themselves.

  5. Soli

    film by Boats Film

    It’s been an exhausting roller-coaster of a ride in Nonye’s marital home. The good times & the terrible ones. Following a series of confirmed evidence of infidelity against her husband, Mayowa, she is to make a decision on what next lies her fate afterward.

  6. Torn

    film by Babajide Aroyewun

    A Short Film that reflects the aftermath of a couples time out that turns sour. EBUKA is home alone in sobriety as his actions led to a twist of events that have his wife become the victim of circumstance. She comes home – all torn apart from extreme manhandling. EBUKA is lost between having to take a last chance at making a truce with the condition he has condemned his wife to while standing firm that these actions are not regrettable

  7. Disaster Of Life

    film by titi jeje

    Adekunmi is a hard nut to crack, she’s ambitious and a go-getter. Her life changed when a bet was placed on her.

    Nollywood Movies Starring; OLAYODE JULIANA, FEMI BRANCH, and many more.